1Dee Ann Turner

Every once in awhile, someone comes along who is the complete package. Liz is one of those people. Whether it’s creating my website wireframe, developing content for a speaking engagement, or coaching me on branding, she adds value every time we connect. She consistently goes the extra mile far beyond my own high expectations.

Former VP of Talent, Chick-fil-A;
Best-selling Author
2Luke Dooley

It’s a huge advantage to have Amplify augment our team. Liz brings a level of engagement rarely found in a contractor. She quickly grasped our vision and worked within the budget to produce a backstage video for our 2-day conference. I would recommend Liz to anyone seeking skilled content and media production.

President, OCEAN Programs
3Susan Carson

As a new author, I was overwhelmed by the thought of building an online presence. Amplify was exactly what I needed. Liz had the vision and experience to develop the right content for my platforms and assembled a great team to get us launched. Amplify was able to take me from A to Z.

Author, Speaker & Podcaster, Rooted (IN)
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