About Us

I’m Liz Driscoll, the founder and thought leader behind Amplify Marketing Strategies and we’re on a mission to spread your good ideas.

As Amplify’s founder, my content and marketing expertise comes from a 22-year career in content at the leadership training event, The Global Leadership Summit. During my tenure, the GLS audience grew from 26,000 to 400,000 attendees globally. I also:

– Launched 2 Podcasts with 32,000 subscribers
– Launched the GLS Blog with 42,000 subscribers
– Oversaw content for the GLSnext App with 300,000 downloads
– Developed keynotes and coached dozens of speakers
– Created multiple online and print curricula

I’m passionate about developing strategic partnerships with our clients, helping them create brand messaging to grow their businesses. I’m a certified instructional designer. I get visionary brands. I’ve read more leadership books than I can count.

It all starts with identifying a powerful brand message that will deeply connect with your ideal client. Story-based messaging has helped thousands of organizations like yours develop impactful brand messages. Once you love the message, we amplify that message by building the basic sales funnel that all businesses need: your website, testimonials, a great lead generator, and email campaigns. Beyond basic sales funnels, we have a special niche producing long-form content (i.e. podcasting, YouTube, eCourses) and developing keynotes.

I work with a great team of graphic designers, web designers, audio/video engineers, and social media specialists. We’ll pull together the right people to help you develop your online presence.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, small business owners, executive coaches, training organizations, and authors who have a life-changing message and want to make the world a better place. And we know something important about these people: while they are passionate about their work, they are not passionate about marketing themselves.

That’s where our passion comes in. We’ll build compelling online platforms for you so you can focus on what you do best.

When you add Amplify, you multiply you.